Virtual Sustainable Reality

In 2015, the United Nation set 17 global sustainability goals, popularly called the SDG. Goals directed to transform our world in the coming years, and hopefully before 2030. We’re on the way, but still have a long way to go. So, why am I writing about the Sustainable Development Goals ? It’s because I love

Artificial Intelligence and the next evolution of society.

After listening to episode 121 of my favourite podcast, «Philosophize This«, where Stephen West talks about Michel Foucault and his work on finding subjective truths that doesn’t necessarily have to be true my brain started grinding. It happens sometimes, doesn’t it. You hear something or see something that spark up some thoughts inside your head.

How to increase employee happiness.

A happy worker is a productive worker. A productive worker means more money for the organisation. To enforce happiness we need control systems that maintains security and decreased inequity at the workplace.  Internal labor management, ILM, is becoming more important as we thrive in the exponential technological era we’re in. ILM is systems that serves

Individuality vs. Ubiquitous organizations.

Society is changing, at least according to Max Webers use of Ritters, 1993’s term «McDonaldization». A term used to describe when society is turned into a fast-food restaurant. Not necessarily hamburgers and milkshakes on every street corner, but when society and cultures more and more adopts homogenization.  I’ve spent quite some time speaking with people

A new beginning

As far as I remember I’ve always been able to learn new things quickly. Things just make sense, so to speak. I’ve considered myself somewhat an autodidact. However, I’ve realized thats not always positive because being self-taught gives me the opportunity to leave out the «boring» elements. After graduating as an undergrad in 2011, my